• Into Rehearsal

    With Rob Poynton and Johnnie Moore


    A space to learn, explore and experiment


    Bringing the spirit of artistic rehearsal to help you perform better, whatever your role...

  • Why Rehearsal?

    We're bringing ideas from artistic rehearsals to work in organisations...

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    Strategic doing

    In a rehearsal space you do things, not talk about them. You try them out, in different ways and see what happens: faster, slower; bigger, smaller; as if you were in love, as if it didn’t matter – you run and re-run small pieces and see what effect that has on the work, the players, the onlooker

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    Exploration, not polishing

    This space is less about polishing and fine tuning and more about exploring wider possibilities

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    Let's try that again, shall we?

    One of the most powerful practices in rehearsal is to try more repetitions of our performances... amazing things can happen when we play through boredom